A Fast Guide To Choosing a Brilliant Career 

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If you are having trouble figuring out what you want to do for a career, reading my book will set you straight.

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What People are saying about Jobmine

"This book is an excellent guide for anyone who is about to embark on the road to choosing a career, or is already on the road and feeling a little intimidated. It’s a great resource for anyone needing to take control of their working future. The book tells you how to avoid landing in a job you don’t love and how to find that job of your dreams"
David Koch (Kochie)
Television presenter, finance journalist & business mentor

"Anyone ’actively’ working their way through this book should be
well-prepared for choosing a brilliant career"
Felicitas Heyne
Psychologist, book-author & creator of the iPersonic Personality Testing System

"I think the tips on the side are very helpful, and the quotes are a good addition to the text, they support what you're saying exactly and provide a little jolt of motivation haha. I like how you have directed the book at both people in school and people already in the workforce, it means the book will apply to and resonate with everyone. Your idea for people in school about thinking about what you want to do in the future and applying it to what you learn in the classroom to make your study worthwhile is really good and so true! I wish I had done something similar instead of spending pretty much every lesson going, how does this apply to me at all, why do I need to know this"
University Student

YOUR happiness is worth $12.00AUD - No risk 100% happy or your money BACK!


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Paddy's Strategy for Success

I believe that the jobs we end up with are defined by a persons ‘career budget’. This budget can be created by looking at the 6 ‘asset areas I call K-PLANS which are:
    1.    Knowledge
    2.    Physiology
    3.    Location
    4.    Aptitude
    5.    Network
    6.    Skills and Attributes

If you work out your own career budget I believe choosing a brilliant career for yourself should be easy.

 But that's not all I share.

    •    The secrets to a successful interview
    •    How to create an incredible CV and
    •    The 6 Behaviors to achieve success at work.

How to Choose a Brilliant Career is a book about taking ownership. Ownership of your schooling, ownership of your life. It demonstrates how choosing a career early can give you purpose and make life more fun. Each day, is a journey towards a goal you create - your very own, dream career!

Instant download - start smiling - this book makes choosing a career EASY!

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Who am I and why did I write this book?

Good question. . and one I answer pretty darn well on p.13 in my book. Have a read.    

“I wish I had read this book 20 years ago, when starting my own career – I’m sure things would have been a lot easier now!”
Raz Chorev
Social Media Consultant / Author of '8 Steps to Get Linked In'

Thanks for supporting this project and good luck!

Paddy McCann